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It's a pity the title reminds me of that stupid headline for the first day issue of the paper. Gah. Why must I come up with the cheesiest headlines in existence? Tabloids look almost classy in comparison...

Feeling VERY tired. Hmmm, I wonder why. Stupid rooster. My neighbor's rooster, of course, finds the most inconvenient times to start crowing like mad. Like today, after my three-day weekend. Gah. Lucky taity. He gets a 2 week holiday! And he has something like 4 months of school left.

I'm almost dreaming of sleep. Stupid stupid rooster.

I almost admire my complete idiocy. The Avengers '67 DVD I rented turned out to have three episodes that I've already seen! Baah. Thankfully 2/3 are some of my absolute favorites. I must've mixed up the DVD's on the shelf or something. I watched "The Hidden Tiger" last night before going to bed, tee hee. I don't care if it's just mildly cheesy, I love it! Mwahahahahaha. I'm not an obsessive fan, am I? Actually, there seem to be quite a few more Avengers fans out there. Then again, I'm probably one of the youngest, along with Martina. But there's nothing wrong with being mildly obsessed with a cult British '60's show, is there? Of course not.

I had the Avengers theme (ending credits) stuck in my head this morning, and somehow it morphed into "All I Care About" from Chicago. I think my brain is suffering from too many times of being hit against random objects when walking. At least my left eye isn't twitching.


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