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Birthdate:May 24
Location:United States of America
My screen name is derived from the bulletproof Stradavarius cello that Kara Milovy plays in the Living Daylights, not taken from a historic romance novel.

Like Vesper Lynd and West Berlin, my interests are divided - particularly when it comes to fandom, where much of me is firmly rooted in 60's spy series due to an unfortunate accident with a time machine when I was born. Though I'm intellectually camped out in the social sciences, I'm becoming more of an omnivore when it comes to learning. .

When introducing me to the entirety of my high school before my senior speech, my then-advisor, a wise and adorably WASP-y lady, announced that I was “surprisingly kinky.”

Maybe I’m just lazy, but I can’t think of a better introduction than that.

For all of our voyeuristic hopes, “about me” sections can be so disappointing. Theoretically, the flexibility and creative potential of blogs should allow the writer to be more personal. Often, though, they aren’t. Yes, it’s sort of nifty knowing your name and where you went to school and what kind of movies you like, but that’s what the link to your Facebook profile is for (and so I betray my 21st century youth). If you have to explicitly list out all of your personality attributes on your blog profile, I'm going to assume, however snobbishly, that your writing isn't strong enough to convey that information. Telling you that I am terrible at remembering advertising slogans and nursery rhymes and that I subconsciously believe that my left leg is shorter than my right (which isn’t actually the case) doesn’t seem very meaningful. The Internet allows us to find information more easily than ever; the tremendous power of search engines provides the illusion that somehow we can discover everything about each other with the click of a mouse or laptop touchpad.

Yet at the same time, people of my generation are increasingly aware of the tapped potential of data mining and learn to package themselves accordingly. Far from being so revealing, we use the Internet to craft personas that appear to disclose a certain degree of intimacy. Just because you’ve found the cell phone number of your crush to whom you’ve never spoken, though, doesn’t mean you’ll be dialing it anytime soon. As Pat Foley once wrote, we are as many people as the size of our acquaintance. Our personalities are like mirrors: we choose to reflect the aspects of ourselves that people are most likely and most want to see. Technology makes it even easier to assemble convenient personas for public consumption. I could literally spell out my interests and the groups in which I'm involved and all of the demographics from which we extrapolate a person's beliefs, but if you can't get a sense of how I think and what drives me from what's here, then I've done a poor job of expressing myself.

For better or for worse, I write about the things I can't or won't or don't talk about. I've always found writing a more natural medium of expression for various reasons. Most of what I write that's not for a targeted audience remains private, but a number of kind and extraordinarily patient friends have been encouraging me to open up more. Who knows what you'll pick up by reading what I have here.

Basically, I'm being vague just to annoy you.

I'm more open here than I am in general conversation, but I prefer to be discreet. My more personal entries are friends-filtered. I mix with people I regularly talk to in person alongside people I communicate via the Internet, so if you do know my name I prefer that you don't use it here. Thank you.

Friends: I tend to friend people who share similar interests and/or have interesting things to say and interesting ways of saying it; it's my way of saying, "Hey, I think you're a really nifty person, and I'd love to learn more about you." I generally friend anyone who friends me, but if you do so then I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment so I know a little more about you. Thanks!

If you're interested in my icons and other LJ-related graphics, check out [info]retro_activity. The gorgeous Avengers mood theme is by the immensely talented [info]ozfroggirl.

Support love.
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