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Jul. 1st, 2005 02:24 pm
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It is a very bad idea to smash one's right index finger-or any other finger for that matter-into a pool table when trying to hit a cue ball. Just for the record, it's also very possible to balance an ice cube on top of one's bruised finger while typing for several seconds at a time. Danielle and her friend, Maya, taught me how to play pool yesterday, and Danielle and I went back to the common area underneath the cafeteria, Annenberg, to practice some more pool. Somehow I managed to cause tremendous pain to the same area on the same finger-right at the joint, oh joy-two days in a row. And yet my roommate is convinced that I am "graceful" which is possibly one of the strangest things anyone has ever said about me. After icing my finger for a good two hours it's feeling much less stiff and swollen, so I hope that in the morning I'll still be able to write with my right hand.

I am developing some not-so-great habits in my state of near total independence, and tomorrow will be the official end of my first week here at Harvard. For one thing, when I don't have an early class I wake up late in the morning because I simply can't motivate my lazy self to get out of bed. Lately I've been having lunch at around 3 in the afternoon and have taken to drinking bubble (boba) tea instead of having dinner because I'm never very hungry at the appropriate times. And I could really get used to spending all my time in Cambridge late at night and going on day trips to Boston instead of getting my behaviorism reading done. Not that I'd skip it-I just am so tempted to do it at the last minute.

Danielle, Mekki, and I originally wanted to go the Aquarium today but ended up getting off at the Government Center T stop instead to explore Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. I could really get used to the random, interesting conversations I've been having with various dorm mates at strange times of the day. The bathroom is a surprisingly great place to meet people if you go in there between 11 PM and 1:30 AM. I really need to stop going to bed so ridiculously late; by the time I get in bed it will be around 3 AM. Let's see how successful I'll be in getting up by 10 AM so I can shower, go the mandatory meeting with my psych tutor, and get my reading done tomorrow so I can go to the chime bell ringing demonstration in Boston on Sunday...


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