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Gun rampage at Montréal college

When eating breakfast this morning I was wondering if there were ever any cases of student violence in universities; in my lifetime I can only remember incidents that occured in high school such as Columbine.

Well, I guess there are. And though I know it's just coincidence, it creeps me the hell out that such a thought crossed my mind just before this atrocity occured.
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So I could tell you all about being in the flipped raft by Fowler's Rock (south bend of the American River near the start of the Class III rapids).

Except I'll have to get around to that tomorrow when I have the time.

All I can say in the meantime is thank God [ profile] eyepiece_simile and Patricia pulled me out when they did. I'd rather not drown to death after my 18th birthday, thanks.
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It seems to be a really angsty past couple of days for a lot of people. Perhaps it's some kind of phase of the moon that conspires against us? I've noticed that there are a couple of phases a year when lots of friends have to deal with lots of problems and generall blahness. I hate not being able to help friends just because there's so much going on for so many different people. And I've been pretty lousy lately as I have all sorts of random junk that I really need to get done soon.

Much love if I'm not able to tell you in person, and many wishes for a better future. Feel better soon. I'm happy to talk if people are up for that.
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We ought to proclaim this week a national week of mourning. Katrina and the death of Justice William Rehnquist-talk about timing here! I'm almost waiting for the next big disaster to strike...

Hey, who hid the McGill application from me? I think I'm willing to brave subzero temperatures several months a year and the hell that is bureaucratic red tape at this rate.

On slightly more beneign terms:

Must wake up at the horrific hour of 6:30 tomorrow to fix up the newspaper at the last minute. Blegh. Ellie really dislikes our layout, and unfortunately I've got to agree with her. If only we had the resources for such luxuries as a working printer and maybe even a journalism teacher so that I wouldn't have to rewrite 800 words+ a week. (or perhaps every two weeks? It might go biweekly due to our lack of staff and such.)
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It's been one really shitty week for lots of people, and all I can do now is hope for better times to come.

I'm not a religious person by any means, but I'm still pretty damned thankful that my friend, the Prophet of Thomas Hardy, is OK in Baton Rouge after all. But what else is happening in Louisiana, particularly New Orleans and the continued violence in the Middle East...I'm speechless. I'm almost tempted to pray for my old roommate, Danielle, who's somwhere in Jerusalem last time I checked. Unfortunately that would mean that I acknowledge the existence of a divine being which I'm not prepared to do anytme soon, so for now I'm attempting to send out many "good wishes and hopes" vibes.

What originally I had to say before is absolutely nothing in comparison. Good God, and I was in a temporary state of something resembling minor self-pity. People all throughout the world are dying of famine, suffering from AIDS and malaria and cancer, selling each other into slavery, being tortured for their political and moral views, blowing and/or shooting each other up. And I'm complaining? I'll shut up now.

How long the relief efforts will actually last though, I don't think I'm terribly optimistic there. In three months time the rounds of silicone support bands, Red Cross blood donation vans and organized donation drives will fade from memory as the American gas guzzling public focuses its prayers on rising petrol prices. (Clunky sentence, I know, but I'm too lazy to fix it.) Think about what happened with the tsunami; how often do you hear about the continuing reconstruction efforts in the news?
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I started rejoicing for London because of its winning the 2012 Summer Olympics bid, but as soon as I came into journalism I found out about the subway and bus bombings. I am praying for everyone who was hurt or killed and their families and hope that my friends across the pond are safe.

And Judith Miller is going to jail for not giving up on her sources; it's Robert Novak who revealed Valerie Plame's identity who ought to be imprisoned. Today struck a great blow to journalism. This issue is all about the politics.

This day sucks arse, and I have to get back to class now.


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