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And now, for something completely different.

This is quite possibly the best feminist Asian-American rant I've read, courtesy of my Angry Asian Man friend, Sean.  The real Angry Asian Man and the original Angry Little Asian Girl are actually very friendly and mellow people, but Sean is caustically hilarious.  He's probably the best crusader against the emasculated/gangster Asian-American male stereotypes I know out there.  But seriously, his argument is wonderfully, sarcastically concise, and I wish I could claim credit.

I didn't really want this to become a place where I posted frequently, but out of convenience I'm posting here.

So I was just made aware of this book entitled Sex Secrets of an American Geisha by Py Kim.

First off. The title. What. The. Fuck. First off, geisha are NOT loose women, prositutes, or "easy". A geisha is there to entertain through song, music, tapdancing, whatever the fuck the customer wants OTHER than sex, stripping, etc so there are no "Sex Secrets" to speak of in the geisha world. Second, what the fuck is an American geisha? According to what I've read about this book, the American geisha is the author, some random Korean woman who has decided to "help women (specifically Asian women) get an American husband" by selling out her people, affirming stereotypes, and further objectifying Asian and Asian-American women.

Mrs. Conant is originally from KOREA (get your facts straight, lady. geisha are Japanese) and came to America, married some American dude, and now writes books on how to help Asian women "get" American men. How? Through copious sex, essentially saying "Hey, Asian women. Get on your knees and YOU TOO can marry a white guy".

I quote from the Amazon rundown, "She suggests specific strategies for women including creating a bedroom shrine of worship to hubby’s manhood; learning to express femininity and sexuality; identifying and then dating their “Good Man.”

Um. Bedroom shrine to WORSHIP her husband? Excuse me? Women don't need to worship their husband. If a woman needs to read a book like this shit to impress her boyfriend than he's LUCKY that ANY girl is staying with him. There are already enough fat sloppy Anime fanatics living in parent's basements across the country who would love to marry an exotic oriental Lucy Liu who is there to love him long time and poor him tea. Why write a book to further tell Asian women that they are worth nothing more than a spent condom? They are already faced day to day with objectification and are forced into the submissive lotus flower bullshit that all of us have been facing since we stepped foot into the land of the free.

Women are not there just for sex, so why is it alright for Asian women to just become quiet whores and no one lifts a finger to object? It is because we refuse to break these stereotypes, publishing bullshit like this and creating movies like that memoirs of a geisha crap and NOT speaking out against what we feel is not right. We sit in the back of the classroom, refusing to speak up and give voice to our thoughts. Speak up! Even if it's just saying hi to a stranger! The more voice you give to yourself, the more respect you'll get.

My sisters are not here to be your fucking "American Geisha", Mrs. Conant. Why should a woman need to become a sex goddess to get married? She shouldn't. A marriage is based on love (what a novel idea), not some Flower Drum Song Charlie Chan Zhang Ziyi ideal crap. I hope you never have children because we don't need any more little Asian-American girls who are convinced that the only way they can be beautiful is to double their eyelids, wear a pushup bra, and kill their self respect.

I'm tired of this bullshit. Dead tired of this bullshit.
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Because I am such a nice person, I do not want to pick up the nearest sledgehammer and use it on the next misogynist I come across.

Oh no, not me.
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"[My name here], as usual a woman who doesn't know what she's talking about - [John] Barry HAS used synths and not just once...(more technical film music stuff here)"

I have every right to be extremely offended right now.


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