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Though I'm generally not big on reality TV show-type publicity stunts, I'd really appreciate it if you could help some friends of mine out to help raise money for underpriviledged kids in Armenia and Africa.

Anna and Dolce are living in a Chevy AVEO for a week; if they win, they're donating their $30,000 prize to charity. Please keep in mind that they have midterms right now and will be graduating with a fair amount of debt.

They need your votes; please go to the Livin' Large AVEO challenge website and click on "vote now" above Dolce and Anna's photo. They really appreciate it!

All it takes is one click. Voting takes place twice a day until November 3.

You can hear more about Dolce and Anna's mission statement here:

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Some wicked perpetrator absconded with my garden gnome! Now poor Jean seems to be somewhere in Ohio, and I have no idea how to contact the gnomenapper. What am I to do?

I don't know quite how this happened, but I've spent one and a half as much time in the psych experiment rooms as a lab rat than in class today. I was lucky enough to have time to eat lunch.

Once I've become sufficiently brainwashed everyone in the LA area should watch this show whose crew will be using me as chief coffee maker or production assistant. There will be no subliminal messages encoded in the broadcast. Nor will Mind Games, the game show I write for, include any such messages. Right.

(It is so not obvious that I haven't gotten much sleep lately. As there have been four robberies in various stages of completion that have taken place since yesterday, there are LAPD helicopters flying ahead at all hours. If reading large quanities of Marx doesn't kill me, staying on top of all of the writing, production and post-production meetings, Avid training sessions, copy-editing sessions and weekend tutoring project sessions while finding time to do laundry undoubtedly will.)

But on the bright side, the Elmer Bernstein concert is tomorrow night. I'll write up a review afterwards.
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Er, so I sort of fell asleep during my first football game. I was watching it on TV with a large group of people in my roommate's friend's dorm because they were serving free food there. I feel less bad about dozing off because Catherine, my roommate, fell asleep as well! I honestly hope that watching the game in the stadium will be much more interesting or else my mother will be seriously embarassed. She knows just about as much as my dad does when it comes to football and keeps nagging me about not wanting to go to any of the home games. Sorry, but I still don't see the appeal of a lot of big guys throwing around a strangely shaped ball and tackling each other.

Catherine and I have been getting on pretty well; we've been hanging out more often lately but we still have our own lives. It's a good balance. We might be visiting downtown with some friends on Monday, but we'll have to see.

My schedule's beginning to settle down, although I'm still trying to figure out what TV shows I'll be working on and when. I'm definitely writing for Mind Games, a sort of madcap how-well-do-you-know-your-partner game show, so if you live in the LA area you might be interested in tuning in the upcoming months. I'll have to check the broadcast times as currently Trojan Vision is rebroadcasting a lot of old programs while we start shooting new material. I need to start post-production editing training soon which will probably kill my brain; I seriously know nothing about Avid, the program we use, or TV equipment. The only thing I know how to do is a wrong circuit setup, which doesn't really help.

My classes are shaping up to be pretty interesting although some of my classmates in my consumerism class have a tendency to unnecessarily complicate what we're talking about; seriously, we had this really bizarre discussion about hammers made out of cheese when trying to understand Marx's definition of use-value and exchange-value. I pretty much have a paper to write every week, and currently I'm hoping that I'll get through them alive because the grading system looks somewhat brutal. I've been making an effort to outline most of my reading and read ahead at least a class in advance because I don't want to start off as a slacker; I hope I'll be able to continue these habits. Gah, angsty feelings of inadequacy are not my friends.

I've found that listening to Elmer Bernstein scores for classic John Sturges adventure films is quite effecitve in motivating me to work. Actually, I got those soundtracks a few days ago so that I'll be better acquainted with Bernstein's work for when I go to the Elmer Bernstein tribute concert next Friday; the program is finally up on the website! I'm disappointed that I can't go the AFI Hollywood Bowl cinematic musical concert, though; I have neither tickets nor a means of getting there. I hope AFI's doing something similar again next year.

I've got the early copy-editing shift tomorrow (early being 11 AM...apparently nobody wants this shift, and the campus is pretty much abandoned on Sunday mornings) so I best actually get some sleep. Thankfully the cafeteria delivery trucks don't come on the weekend so it's actually quiet outside.
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I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I've spent way too many hours on getting this labor of love to work. Being a technologically confused oaf, I had to upload this five times before it would finally display properly.

I've done my best not to repeat any images, and I've used images from every episode for which I had made screencaps. Some episodes are represented more than others, naturally.

I'm not sure who would actually want it, but feel free to use this mood theme as your own. You'll need a Plus+ or paid account to do so; unfortunately I don't know how to work around the free account "no custom mood theme" limitation. If you do use this, I'd definitely appreciate credit.

To use as your own:
1. Go to

2. Insert a name for your mood theme; it's probabably better if you have the name relate to Danger Man/Secret Agent. Then hit (not literally) the create button.

3. Click the edit button next to the name of your new mood theme.

4. Open up a new window or tab and go to The images are arranged by reverse alphabetical order; all of the images representing moods starting with "A" are under section 7 in the DM MT folder. You then can copy and paste the image URL next to the corresponding mood. Each image has the URL, so you can also just use the above URL and replace individualmood with the mood that you want.

Note: If you're manually imputting, you'll have to put in "" as I misspelled the image name.

Uncheck the inherit from [parent mood category]. All mood theme images are 100x100, so you'll want to put down the width as 100 and the height as 100.

5. Once you're done inputing all of the image URLs hit save changes.

6. Go to and click on "Set your mood theme" under the Customization header. Scroll to the bottom of the page that loads, then click on the "Select mood icon set" menu and scroll to the bottom where your newly created mood theme should be.

7. If you have any problems, please leave a comment, and I'll do my best to troubleshoot.


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