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So, the California primary is coming up and I've been following the election nowhere as closely as I should/my sources are kinda ridiculously biased in that they've been committed to particular candidates from the onset. And to be honest, I'm still not sure for whom I'm voting because I don't feel like I've researched everyone's positions well enough yet. (I haven't gotten around to the most recent debate coverage yet, I'm embarrassed to admit.)

Does anyone know of any other good sites covering the candidates' positions on key issues? I know of On the Issues and Glass Booth, which are good for getting a general idea of their platforms but weaker on the specifics from what I can tell. I'm particularly interested in healthcare as I need to research that for my disabilities and the healthcare system class.

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I was debating with a friend the other day about whether the Democratic party was more likely to nominate Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate for 2008, which inspired the following poll.

[Poll #915428]

If you're curious, I think Obama's the more likely of the two as his grassroots campaign is starting to gather steam among the youth vote, and his moderate stance has popular appeal to the independents and centrists fed up with the self-absorbed politics of the two main parties. Clinton seems too much of a controversial figure - people either love or hate her. To be honest though, I really have no good sense of Obama's stance on most issues; I'm just going off general impressions. I'm registered with no political party.

And now for a stupid but vaguely entertaining quiz thing )


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