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Bravo's music department has some majorly sketchy ways of circumventing musical copyright infringement laws.

My roommate and her friends watch "Project Runway" in our room every Wednesday, so I've just started watching the last three episodes.

In the Couture challenge episode set in Paris from last week, the music folk did some really rearranging of cues from Yann Tiersen's Amélie score: "L'autre valse d'Amélie, "Soir de fête" and "A quai" played in that order in the episode. They were reorchestrated for the main melody line to be played by the accordion and used minimal instrumental backing-I remember hearing a few strings and maybe some light woodwinds at best. They would all start with the original melody, but then the rest of the themes would be reworked slightly as "clichéd French café music." The weird thing is that they do use a short clip (10-15 seconds, I think?) from the actual Amélie soundtrack-I can't remember which piece it is at the moment, but I do remember hearing it around the time when the designers and models go onto the bâteau mouche.

In today's episode, when the gray haired guy presents the models into the workshop for initial fittings in the L'Oréal black and white challenge, I could *swear* that I heard the flute part of Lalo Schifrin's Man from UNCLE season 2 title music reworked with more techno loops. Perhaps the piece of music was chosen for the hip New York retro pop culture vibe; Schifrin's Mission: Impossible title theme is still really popular so I guess the musical powers that be thought that his MfU theme arrangement might have the same coolness factor. It would've been even more clever to have used the Return of the Man from UNCLE music-Illya Kuryakin became a fashion designer after leaving UNCLE-but "Project Runway's" target audience is probably too young to get the reference.

I wonder which film composer will be ripped off next.
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Loud delivery truck or some other large motor vehicle + 200-300 sorority rushees gathered outside my dorm in the middle of the night (?) + a singing guitar-playing duo RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR = A

Construction on the building across the street + room facing the sun with blinds that won't close + roommate who woke up early even though she doesn't have class until 2 PM = B

A + B = so much for trying to get some extra sleep. Well, at least I'm never bored.

And aparently there are people on my floor who have never heard of Nietzsche. As pretentious and snobbish as that sudden remark may appear to be, I only bring this up because I write some kind of vaguely amusing quotation on the whiteboard outside my door on a regular basis. The last one I put up was the quotation on [ profile] dragonfly66's sweatshirt:

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God

I saw that someone scrawled "Who the f*** is Nietzsche?" when I came back from the library last night; however, when I came back to my room this afternoon another person scribbled "Nietzsche is God." I've also been encouraged to vote for Anna as PR rep of who knows what.

I forgot why I'm writing about any of the above in the first place; I suppose I just feel like being random and pretentious as I often am.

I've officially now had all of my classes and generally like them. I ended up dropping the RA counseling one because I missed the first class session to go to the College Honors Society dinner at the Natural History Museum, and I figured that if I missed the first section of a class I'm not even officially registered for it's probably too late to take it on. I love all my core classes, although having to read a lot of Marx's Capital for two different classes may flatten my brain into some unrecognizable shrunken version of what it used to be. My writing seminar sounds really intense (there are one on one tutorials a few days before papers are due, so I actually have to start writing rough drafts more than a week in advance), but the format and the structure is a lot like the upper-level high school English classes. My problem is that I've come to really dislike writing about literature for academic purposes; I'll be happy to write about pretty much anything else but high school killed my love of literature classes. The psychology lectures can be a little dry-apparently the other professor is more interesting, but switching into that class would cause major scheduling conflicts. Or maybe it just seemed more boring last time because I was sitting near the back, and the guy next to me fell asleep for most of the lecture. At least the subject matter is interesting.

And now for something completely different: I just discovered The THRUSH Evil Overlord's Guide. There's a copy of it below the cut.

Building a Better Tomorrow Through Anarchy )
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I'm back from USC as of yesterday, and both Ellie and I were quite impressed by the place. Watch me change my mind in April...or not. I am not ashamed to admit that I nearly kissed the doors of the music scoring stage-Elmer Bernstein probably touched them, considering that he taught there for some time. But as there were several cinema-television majors giving me strange looks, I settled for two pictures instead. I'm definitely not in need of a social life, I swear!

I finally caught some of the Olympics-my host, her other hostees, her roomates, and I saw the end of the women's free skate. Someone (probably [ profile] dragonfly66) will probably want to hit me over the head with a frying pan for saying this, but I was a little bored. I haven't really been missing out on much-I'm more of a Summer Olympics kind of girl to be honest.

As I seem to have finally gotten all of my work done for once, I've been catching up on some cult TV lately-the Prisoner and the Man from UNCLE (for which I have the cheesiest fan T-shirt idea ever). Can someone please tell me *why* Ilya Kuryakin is either put behind bars or dangled by his wrists from the ceiling/chained by the wrists on the walls in 7/8ths of the episodes I watched? Isn't David McCallum afraid of heights?

And now on an entirely different note-if you're not a classmate of mine, the rest of this entry will not make much sense to you )
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The Electric Penguins (Unofficial Campanologist Society) have been resurrected! In other words, we actually have music for the first time in months! It's mostly suitable female choir pieces, but if I ever become unlazy I might actually bother to write down the arrangements that I made up of random songs. Hopefully it won't get stolen like our last three sets. And maybe we'll have enough players so that we don't each play four chimes, although one's coordination does improve quite a bit in the process.

I attempted to give myself a crash course in music theory (and I mean really basic stuff) with some help from [ profile] shakeitdown. Reading David Cooper's Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo has proved to be amazingly useful in that I've already seen most of the complicated jargon involving complex dissonant chords and whatnot. That doesn't mean I actually understand all of the pitch and rhythm stuff but I need to write up an independent study proposal first before I get thrown into medieval plainchants.

I feel the onset of a Man from UNCLE obsession coming as Ellie rented the first six episodes from the library this afternoon. I've always wanted to see this series so that I could see non-British cult 60's spy shows and be less of a snobbish anglophile, among other things. So far it seems a lot like an American Avengers with two male leads but it's rather addictive all the same. Unfortunately there aren't any other MfUNCLE episodes at the library, so would anyone happen to know where I could find more on VHS or DVD?


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