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Edit: all relevant Third Man icons and F.O. banners can now be found at my icon journal, [ profile] retro_activity. Many more classic movies and retro spy show icons and more can be found there.
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Yay for finally having a working internet connection on my laptop in my dorm room! I just randomly wandered around Cambridge for the past few hours with Danielle and Mekkhi (friend who lives just down the hall), so if I'm more incomprehensible than usual then I apologize in advance. We just randomly talked about ourselves and explored the area around Annenberg (the freshman cafeteria housed inside a cathedral) and jumped on the stones by the fountain spray thing outside the Science Center. We walked over to this hotel where my parents will be staying when they're visiting me on Sunday, and we went out for some really yummy bubble milk tea. And earlier this evening I met a bunch of fairly nice guys on the fifth floor, so I finally know some guys in my dorm. I quite enjoyed myself; perhaps I'll take some pictures of Harvard Yard and the various buildings because they're really all very stately (too many adverbs there!). Sometime in the afternoon tomorrow if I ever wake up, Mekkhi, Danielle, and I will wander into Boston and roam around some more.

So in honor of having my lovely internet connection, I can finally share all of those random icons that I made yesterday. There are more to be posted later. Pity that I can't make animated GIFS on my computer, argh...

Edit: all icons have been moved to my icon journal, [ profile] retro_activity. Find more retro and spy-related icons there!

Diana Rigg icons from the Avengers and OHMSS, plus 2 semi-related ones that look cool )
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Edit: All of my icons can now be found at my icon journal, [ profile] retro_activity.

I need to get Photoshop onto Karen, my laptop, because I am really starting to get sick of the limited editing functions of Microsoft paint. Yeah, so maybe it's easier to shrink things (sort of) in sizes of perfect squares. That's about it. Even trying to add simple text is a pain, let alone color touchups and basic GIF animation. I can always use the library computers to further edit, but the whole transferring of files from one computer to another is getting tiresome.

But I finally got around to doing all of those Vertigo icons, and they don't seem to be too bad.

My not so shining masterpieces, now with the touched up versions )


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