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MFU folks - does this *not* sound like NS?

Plain girls always turn up for an appointment on time; attractive girls, ten minutes later; beauties, twenty minutes. But goddesses, goddesses only turn up after half an hour. So you see, I’m, ah, really fifteen minutes early. (John Drake on explaining why he's fifteen minutes late for a date)

There are other things I'd rather be doing on right now, but at the rate I'm trying to work on some new questions for work, a three-toed sloth could probably beat me. And I have the benefit of opposable thumbs.
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I can officially go only four days straight without watching Danger Man ever since I got the megaset. I've got exactly five episodes to go, including the two color ones. After I'm done with it all, I'll be rewatching a bunch to get a bunch of screencaps of random actors for my Hungarian friend.

I didn't do that much work over the three day holiday. There were the 24 Hour Plays on Saturday, during which a group of students writes, directs, acts out, and produces a series of plays. (I'll edit this later for more details because I've got to go now.)

Happy belated Easter/Pagan Fertility Day! Being me, of course I managed to miss out that this Sunday was Easter/Pagan Fertility Day despite seeing and hearing all sorts of announcements.

I might be getting a car within the forseeable future (next couple of months or so, from what I've been told.) Huzzah for tremendously froody neighbors who know people going off to college who want to sell their cars! At this point in time I'm just looking for something that will almost always be guaranteed to start up in the morning and won't spontaneously combust while driving. And preferably it has decent gas mileage, a CD player, and heat and air conditioning, too. It's rather extravagant of me, I know. Perhaps I'll be mercenary and drive some middle school students if their parents pay for gas money. I was filling up Ellie's car (the one that I drive at the moment) and nearly dropped the nozzle when I saw the total price. It's a pity that public transporation around here is virtually nonexistent.

Not to mention that I nearly drove right into a barrier dividing the road two days ago when I was startled by my cell phone ringing, but there only a few minor scratches near the bottom of the car. I'm really not used to these cell phone things yet. Bleh, I'm still trying to figure out how to program in a customized ring tone so that I can play around with all of those half-arrangements I've come up with over the past few months. I hope it uses hand bell chime notation (D6, F sharp 5 and whatnot) because I'm pretty familiar with that.

Did I mention that I really like my neighbors? Not that I ever disliked them to begin with, but I'm even more grateful for all that they've done for me and my family over the years. I definitely appreciate not having to go down the long shared driveway every morning to get the newspaper.
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Now this is weird.

Does my current icon look like to anyone? The writing certainly corresponds to the first frame of my default animated icon, but I've never used that background photo for any of my icons before. Perhaps my computer is posessed?

I have officially gotten into my twentieth "Is number six John Drake?" debate, and I'm trying to come up with some counter-arguments to "John Drake is obviously the same as number six." I first saw the Prisoner and then Danger Man, but the more I watch Danger Man, the less of a Drake vibe I feel from Number 6. But I need to come up with a more polished response than that. This is probably the most polished pro-Number 6 as Drake argument I've come across so far, and I'm trying to come up with a good response to it:

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Random notes to self:

"Mio Amore Sta Lontado"-piano version, who's the female vocal in the radio version when the guy in the PTS is killed? Or is she another generic Italian singer from the 60's? There seem to be a lot of them floating around.

-vocal phrasing by original female vocal (NOT same as version on "Secret Agent Meets the Saint" album) and melody a bit different-try to record for the Electric Penguins? Must figure out how to deal with dialogue bits, though

-sparse piano and vocal; are there any other instruments in the background? Secret Agent/the Saint soundtrack has flute and strings and an alto singer

-It's not very subtle to play that damned song every time Lena's in the room.

-Oh, I get it now! It's the theme related to the murderous organization which sounds an awful lot like the Assassination Bureau or the Avengers episode, "The Murder Market." (more the former than the latter)

-Wait, if Drake as a butler can speak Italian in "No Marks for Servility," then why can't he speak in it as Clive Harris?

-I swear I know someone named Clive Harris, or maybe it was Morris.

Try to figure out where "Whatever Happened to George Foster?" track 20 came from, because not a single not was used in the episode of the same title...
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I simply can't resist making more snarky observations/comments. Terrible habit of mine when watching because it seems that all spy shows tend to borrow off of one another on a regular basis.

On the Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove:
Doesn't this sound a bit like it could have come out of the Avengers between Steed when he's pumping another woman for information?
"You must get so bored with women throwing themselves at your head."
"It's a professional hazard."
"Don't tell me-you're a ladies' hair dresser."
"I'm a travel agent."

-the P has his eyes closed after he fires the gun at the end, upon closer examination. And Mrs. Farebrother has her eyes closed in preparation for the gun to go off. Hee!

-Is it possible not to take an excessive number of screencaps?

-The beginning totally reminded me of the Avengers episode, "The Hour That Never Was" with the whole stopped-time and clock always reading 12 o'clock

On Have a Glass of Wine:
-What is it with the P and jumping through windows? He's done it at least thrice; doesn't it get a bit painful after awhile?

-Wine cellar scene reminiscent of the Avengers episode, "Dial a Deadly Number" and its climatic wine-tasting

-Warren Mitchell: dude, isn't he Ambassador Brodzny on the Avengers? He appears in "Two's A Crowd" and "The See-Through Man" if I remember correctly. And I swear he's wearing Drake's German-Irish encyclopedia salesman hat in one scene. And he tends to represent "the other side" quite a bit.

-Can anyone REALLY believe that Drake's the kind of guy to having "things happen" at a party with a girl? And that his wife's name is Brenda, and she's got a lot of money? Well, his reverse storytelling does work, but still...

-Hee! Drake wearing a Napoleon hat!

-The wine merchant cover is also used by Steed in the Avengers eppy, "A Surfeit of H2O"

-Why do the French agent and the French thugs speak with British accents?
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Number 86 reporting: (thanks for the suggestions!)

I'm in the midst of watching the Danger Man episode "Whatever Happened to George Foster?" and I noticed some interesting parallels:

the Avengers
-So many people named Jones...
-the shot of Peter Jones's casket being lowered reminded me of the dog being buried in "The 50,000 Pound Breakfast" and that other one where Steed pretends to assassinate Mrs. Peel in "The Murder Market"

James Bond:
-the initial exchange between Pauline and Drake reminded me of the Bond-Moneypenny banter.
-Bernard Lee as Lord Ammanford here, M in the Bond films up until For Your Eyes Only
-Certhia breaking into Drake's home is reminiscent of Sylvia Trench doing so to Bond in Dr. No. That, and Eunice Gayson is in the DM/SA episode, "A Man to Be Trusted."
-Scruffy beat-up Drake looks better than scruffy beat-up Connery in Dr. No.
-"Borrowing" a police car-I think that's reused in Live and Let Die?
-"No hard feelings?" (the Living Daylights) after making a man go through a lot of trouble
-Hiding in an apartment (Live And Let Die)
-the girlfight (OK, it's nowhere near as intense as the one in From Russia With Love, but you have to see something of a parallel!)

Is it just me, or is the end credits music a tone higher than normal?


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