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Ingredients for an Alias episode:

Intertwining storylines: check
Random conspiracies: check (I don't know if I've ever publicly shared my dishwashing gloves theory, have I?)
Journalists checking out a vague sort of conspiracy theory: check, if you loosely define "conspiracy"
Having to work on multiple missions/assignments all at once for fear of being killed/tortured by superiors: check. Newspaper editors behind schedule are SCARY.
Occasionally freaky family dynamics: half a check?
Having issues balancing public and private lives: check
Surveillance measures: half a check? There was a random bunch of people around the shared driveway with my neighbors' house taking pictures of said house for reasons unknown, and said house is right across from mine. I personally suspect it has to do with the whole armed robbery thing, and that these spectators are morbidly curious neighbors who have come to feast upon misfortune.
Outrageous disguises complete with wigs: I'll have to work on that one

My life is bearing a really eerie resemblance.

I've felt a little like that Mad TV spoof of Alias-where does Sydney Bristow get all of that time to go to grad school, save the world but actually work for the opposition, actually save the world while having to disguise these heroic activities from the opposition, keep her best friend from discovering the opposition as well as help open up her roommate's restaurant? I need those time management skills! I've been working on at least four different articles for two different publications in a mad process of interviewing, writing, rewriting and editing this afternoon and the distinctions between all of the stories are starting to get really blurry. I have seriously earned newfound respect for professional journalists whose word counts are longer than 600 words and have to do more research for their stories on just as short deadlines. I haven't even finished layout for my own paper yet because InDesign wouldn't open on the first two computers I was working on and then claimed that Times New Roman as a font didn't exist and started highlighting all of the text boxes in this awful shade of salmon pink.

I carried on my longest interview ever with the school counselor for my eating disorders article; as I spent an hour instead of twenty minutes talking to her with [ profile] eyepiece_simile accompanying me, I missed an appointment. Time flies when you're talking about misperceptions of bulemia. It was a very informative interview, certainly, but I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to incorporate all of these perspectives I'm getting in 800 words when I can think of even more people I should to talk to. My story angle keeps on making multiple revolutions around the unit circle.

That was a bad attempt at a math joke. I'll shut up now.

The rest of this entry dissolves into self-centered tripe; read with caution )
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I hate to pull a Lynn Truss (think Eats, Shoots and Leaves) on everyone, but when will these freshmen learn that quotation marks go AFTER the comma?!

Spending excessive amounts of time, especially relatively late in the day, in a basement really puts a damper on one's mood. If I wasn't such a lousy gardener I'd stick a plant down here in the newspaper office, and fake houseplants are just depressing. Perhaps I should just get a cactus...


Sep. 30th, 2005 05:21 pm
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The newspaper office is being aurally ravaged by bands of shrill-voiced maurading freshmen who prevent Alex and I from getting any work done! And they block the only exit/entrance whenever they come to pillage upon our productivity!



double life

Sep. 6th, 2005 11:34 pm
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Compiling several months of Giacchino reviews and commentary is taking much longer than I had expected. Add a good hour of outside reading on past interviews, and I'm discovering that I'm just a bit behind where I'd like to be with a flurry of editing. What's shocked me is how much I've already written about the guy-I have no idea how to trim it all down to a managable article that normal people can actually understand. I pretty much gave up on trying to reuse my old material and have been coming up with fresh stuff.

It's the first public collision of my life as a "normal" high school student and as an amateur film score reviewer. In my mind I've always seen them (both of me?) as seperate people. For one thing, my reviewer self tends to be much snarkier and more intelligent than I tend to appear in real life. It's just really hard for me to find friends who aren't completely bored out of their minds when I start talking about film music. The second I start talking about Wagnerian chromaticism in Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo, Ellie starts rolling her eyes and tells me to go work on my music history independent study proposal. And then there are a lot of really sexist reviewers who enjoy telling me that I'm a complete idiot for not knowing how to use audio editing software and that I'm a total snob when I compare the re-emergence of neo-romanticism and techno in modern music. What the hell? Their hypocrisy is only funny for so long before I start searching for the nearest heavy object.

Pity that no one's probably going to end up reading this article, because Michael Giacchino really rocks as a composer and I'm not so secretly trying to get him hired for...well, I'll talk about that some other time.
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We ought to proclaim this week a national week of mourning. Katrina and the death of Justice William Rehnquist-talk about timing here! I'm almost waiting for the next big disaster to strike...

Hey, who hid the McGill application from me? I think I'm willing to brave subzero temperatures several months a year and the hell that is bureaucratic red tape at this rate.

On slightly more beneign terms:

Must wake up at the horrific hour of 6:30 tomorrow to fix up the newspaper at the last minute. Blegh. Ellie really dislikes our layout, and unfortunately I've got to agree with her. If only we had the resources for such luxuries as a working printer and maybe even a journalism teacher so that I wouldn't have to rewrite 800 words+ a week. (or perhaps every two weeks? It might go biweekly due to our lack of staff and such.)
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I can't wait to hear [ profile] eldritchhobbit today on NPR :) I'll probably end up listening to the online version as I don't have access to a radio at the moment, but I'm sure it will be quite interesting.

My Scottish DJ friend will be sending me 5 CDs of his tremendously froody John Barry broadcast on Two Lochs Radio plus "something extra special." It's always nice to know that there are some film score reviewers who aren't totally sexist and condescending; quite the opposite, indeed.

I finally wrote my HGTTG review, albeit one that's not as comprehensive as I'd like it to be, this morning. It's not nearly as detailed as I'd like it to be, but I don't have a huge amount of space to work with. Alex was laying out her front article on summer entertainment and her review for Crash while I was working on the other computer, so that thankfully worked out well. I might need to edit this for typos and other little things, but I manage to get the length right without having to go back and cutting stuff out or adding anything.

Simplified to be published version geared towards more non-froods )
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...this would be the time when I'd start tap dancing and breaking out into my happy solo.

I just got asked to be the editor of Counterpoint Weekly, the school weekly paper I first joined in 6th grade. When I was first approached by Cece and Joyce, the current editors, I thought that they wanted me to write an article this week, which would've been rather inconvenient for me. When they offered me the position, I felt awake for the first time all day. I've been in a sort of vague semi-awake semi-asleep state all day, possibly because of jet lag. I've been looking forward to editing Weekly ever since I've been writing; it's probably the one activity I've dedicated myself to for the last seven years. I'm really grateful and feel so lucky that I've been considered for the position. I've found that what I love the most about the paper is finally having some creative control and having a lot more input over content and style. I've done my apprenticeship of sorts already; I know about brainstorming, layouts, deadlines, and the like from last year, and I definitely feel comfortable with taking it on again next year. Now all I have to do is find some more people on the editing staff; if you're interested in writing/editing/helping out in other ways, please tell me. Sophia expressed interest, as did [ profile] zedhaus though I'm not sure if you were joking or not. I'm not sure about what's going on with the entertainment editor/movie reviewer position for next year, so I'll have to talk to Cece and Joyce about that. Perhaps I can still write for Counterpoint Monthly as well; I don't want to abandon that.

And now that I'll actually have taken a journalism class by next fall, I'll actually sort of know what I'm doing. After the sinking ship that was the paper two years ago (and I do admit that I helped let the paper reach the depths that it did), I really want to revitalize the paper and come up with some new ideas for content. If any of you have any suggestions, please do tell me. Now it actually seems possible for me to do my own column...but I'll think about that later.

Oh, and congrats to Kerstin on being asked to edit Moch, the literary magazine, next year!

HGTTG quotation of the day: "Please excuse me; I'm terribly happy."


Apr. 12th, 2004 04:02 pm
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"Please don't leave clothes nonedible items in here [the Counterpoint office not-so-secret food stash box] for long perioids of time because there's a risk of them being eaten. This warning may seem ludicrous but many strange things have been eaten at this school, like intro projects. Just a word of caution."

I'll explain later.

the coup

Jan. 16th, 2004 11:18 pm
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The Lion in Winter quotation of the moment:

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Well, that's the way deals are made. We've got him if we want him. He'll sell us all, you know... but only if he thinks we think he won't.

Maybe Sophia and Caitlin and I ought to actually do something with our rebellious coalition. Alas, I'm in my scheming mood again, so don't mind me.
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Bad Counterpoint Weekly metaphors:

Counterpoint is like a ballet gone wrong. Everyone switches positions every five minutes, nobody knows any of the steps, it's amazing that there's a production at all beecause several random disasters happen on a weekly basis, and we don't even get the cool shoes and costumes. Oh, and the choreographer disappeared awhile ago. And we don't have any funds, either, not even enough to get one stupid tape recorder. We're underappreciated and undersupported like the arts!

Counterpoint is like a sinking boat: we spend most of our time bailing ourselves out, but we leave behind just enough problems so that we spend even more time bailing ourselves out again next week.

Counterpoint is rather like a totalitarian regime. Ask Kerstin or Sophia for more explanation as they've actually taken I&S and I've fake-learned some stuff just from hearing various conversations. We've got a hierarchy, cleansing of various groups (i.e. freshmen and MSers), the leader has an ideology, attempts to instill loyalty through fear, uses and exploits suboordinates, we've got a multi-layered bureaucracy, there's plenty of propaganda to go around, and there's one dominating party that spouts out the leader's ideology and rewards the most faithful comrades/citizens/brainwashed followers. Any sort of a religion has been replaced with the leader's (the editor's) ideology. And the leader attempts to suboordinate/subdude more powerful officials out of fear of being taken out of power. I could go on a lot more about this but it's late, I'm getting tired, and I don't feel like it.

So put it all together, Counterpoint is like a totalitarian regime which just happens idealized in the form of a ballet production performed on a sinking boat.

Ah, the dangers of mixed metaphors.

The Dictator/editor managed to hover over me an absolutely infuriating amount yesterday afternoon as I attempted to place in the world news column, edit the two articles that we did have, finish my own article, transcribe a tape, and come up with captions and headlines. Oh, and fix minute details about the lines. Ironically enough she told me that her favorite part about being editor was editing the articles. With time she's grown disillusioned with the general quality of the staff writers' work and has since dumped all responsibility on me. Of course, it's a bit difficult to edit three articles typically in 15 minutes (Better articles come with 30 min/per article) while being yelled at and trying to finish my own article because of tape recorder issues. She spends most of her time dissing the staff writers and various others in the basement at the time, checking e-mail, going on Yahoo IM, and looking at random websites about tounge piercing studs and what not. Does anyone else find this *mildly* infuriating? I wouldn't mind so much if she had actually gotten some work done beforehand. On Friday mornings I rush down as soon as I can to fix up the articles again and whatever else (ie the entire paper) that needs work. Eunice didn't send in her article because of various reasons, so Canny decided to write it. By the time it was period 2, she had finished writing one of the lousiest articles I have ever read and grudgingly allowed me 2.5 minutes to edit it while hovering over my shoulder and whining, "No, don't take that away! I know it's a lousy article but fuck people and let them deal with it." 100 copies of the first version of this article got printed already. Alas, Canny could at least have used spell-check or some common sense. Somehow our school turned into "Castile". Aiii. I am now going to call the paper New Castile out of irony. We ended up giving the "bad" copies to the sixies (who never read it anyway; I can attest by all of my pathetic attempts at jamming in Counterpoints into their stupid crammed-full mailboxes) and some in the library buried under Counterpoint Monthly and CFP. Nobody ever reads it there anyway.

It sounds like a rather good name for a totalitarian government, New Castile. If I'm bored and feeling strange enough, I just might make a website for it, like the Worchester Island project.

Can we please just screw tradition and sack the editor? Please? Pretty please? The resignation letter has been tempting me for months. And Oscar Wilde did say that the only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it...
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Screaming is absolutely lovely. Somehow it's very theraputic to attempt to murder one's vocal cords and make the loudest noise possible. It's even more satisfying when you're in a basement locked in a small stuffy office that has a stupidly placed window on the inside. Of course, there are people making arts and crafts and assembling puzzles in the basement as well. Jolly fun.

So after having a really lovely time TAing the seventh grade French class (and I'm not being sarcastic) I decided to take a quick peek at the War Office. Officially it's called the Counterpoint office. The Clam had managed to do some work during the free period: she edited and placed an entire article and did the community service calendar (pasting is so much work). Thing seemed to be going pretty well as all she told me to do was the world news column, which is pretty much copying good headlines off BBC and Yahoo!News. Then I had to go to class, and everything was just fine. Sophia and I met with the paper's faculty advisors to discuss the Clam situation. Alas, Caitlin wasn't able to come since she was sick at home with a fever of 103. Oy vey, I hope she feels better soon. Anyway, I'm supposed to schedule a meeting w/ the Clam to discuss the newspaper next Tuesday with the faculty advisors questioning us. Joy. At least they now know that we're being subjugated as slave labor without pay or even the possibility of becoming next year's editors. I know that Caitlin has been dreaming about her resignation for weeks, and I've been mentally drafting my resignation letter for at least two months now. Now that our imaginary budget has suddenly become real, distribution should be easier because we can finally print from our own stupid printer. It took the Dean of Students that long. Well, at least it's something.

I had a nasty surprise after school when I left my last class of the day to realize that Caitlin hadn't done her section because she was sick. My first instinct was to start screaming in the hallway, but I didn't want to disturb the 6th grade Spanish class which is quite close by. So I somewhat calmly packed up, ranted to Kerstin, Sophia, Julie, and Becca because they were near by, and Kerstin and I decided to have a merry screaming fest in the War Office just for fun. For some reason we kept on hysterically laughing uncontrollably while walking down to the basement in anticipation of the scream fest.

Upon entering the office, I felt like shredding up something because I saw two post it notes left on the computer that had to be written in the Clam's handwriting. She had to leave because she had a bad headache as a result of reading a truly horrendous article to be published this week and told me to finish up the rest of the paper. Well, at least I didn't have to worry about the front page photo. Not like that helped very much anyway. Kerstin and I screamed for about five seconds and couldn't stop laughing for the next five minutes. And no one outside seemed to notice. So a few minutes after we managed to regain our breath we screamed for ten seconds. Two people immediately stared at the office through the window, one of them being Joyce, a staff writer. We laughed even harder. Somehow everything felt absolutely hysterically my-stomach-is-aching kind of funny, even more so than a Pink Panther movie. Kerstin was very nice and stayed with me in the office until we both had to leave and did Caitlin's quiz thing on British history dates as we brainstormed together as I attempted to edit the "crappy" article that gave Canny a headache. It was bloody hell trying to keep all of the relevent stuff while not being hyperbolically cheerful. Then I had to do some minor reformatting of articles and captions and finding a word of the week and put in Kerstin's quiz, which had some lovely formatting issues. Sterling came down to see if I was done and hung around for a little bit before Seana came down. Argh. I feel bad about keeping them waiting for fifteen minutes.

So now I'm still sort of screwed because we need to do something with Caitlin's movie review space. Luckily I thought of what seems like a vaguely brilliant idea (thank god it's not another disgusting, horrific, pathetic attempt at a political satire) and hopefully will have about half an hour to do that tomorrow. Oish. I feel vaguely like murdering the Clam (just mentally, though; I'm not really the killing type) except the only reason why I'm feeling forgiving at the moment is because she looks somewhat like Cathy. It's strange that way. And her voice is rather similar to Cathy's. God forbid I begin mixing the two up.

Part of me still thinks that I'm making up her death.
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Canny e-mailed me this afternoon to say that she got into a bad car accident. I think she's OK, or else she wouldn't be able to e-mail me...I hope. Unless she's now some sort of possessed spirit.

I hope she's OK. Car accidents are scary things.
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I am constantly amazed by my foolishness.

I started practicing for my French presentation on Tahiti just about 20 minutes-30 minutes ago. Mwahahahaha. I hardly did anything today. I did do my math hw due on Wednesday. Not enough time for chem.

Just did my Counterpoint article on the Tijuana trip. I messed up there, so I ended up writing it myself. I am a fool. I just wrote it ten minutes ago. All the information I had was written a piece of notepad paper. A small piece. I managed to get 273 words out of that. Oh yeah, I am so good.

Mom's kind of annoyed that I'm going to bed so late. She thinks that it's unnatural and wrong. But how am I to finish all of my work if I don't stay up later? I'm naturally going to get more hw as the years go on; it's going to take more time to do; therefore I have to stay up later to finish all of it. Argh. I like sleep, but it's hard to get.

Managed to pack to go to Sophia's tomorrow in 5 minutes. Booyeah, I am good.
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The lack of sleep is getting to me.

Mental debate: satire of a history essay (thanks, Adric!) or satire of Bush and sports? Or neither, if I'm not allowed. Bah. A little Bush-bashing never hurt.
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I have finally corrected my translation for "Three Blind Mice" French. I have spent a few months perfecting it. I am amazed by my foolishness in all honesty.

So I finally did do my French homework...that was due yesterday. I didn't feel like doing it at all yesterday, but I finally scraped up enough energy to keep my eyes open and move my hand across the page. My handwriting is pathetically messy, and I still can't figure out how some people can call it neat. Seriously. It's as if an enebriated spider had accidentally fallen into an inkpot and start walking across the page. A spider with awfully thick legs, though, as the pen I use at the moment is pretty thick, like a .7 lead mechanical pencil. Problem is, I only have 1 working pen (the one I'm currently using) and 1 working mechanical pencil in the ENTIRE house. Gah. Seriously, I've searched. And searched. And searched. But not like that would get me anywhere. After all, I spent 15 minutes searching for my French homework questions two days ago, didn't do my hw, and then found it in my APS binder the next day...which I had at home when I was frantically searching. Oh, the irony of it all.

Thankfully I have not been blasted by the Tech Dept. or the admin for my article published last week. It was pretty sucky since I was writing it around 10:30 (the earliest I've started any article was at 9) and I couldn't call nyahsil because the phone connection was being really weird. One of the people I interviewed kept on telling me not to bust her out, and I told her that there was no way she could be affected anyway. Well, maybe, but I really doubt it. Still, evil techie's been looking really pissed off lately so I've been trying to avoid him. Not like there would be any reason for me to be in contact with the Tech Dept. most of the time anyway. At least Taffee seems to be very polite about it; he gave me a wonderful set of responses to my questions for this week's article. Oh right, I should write it. I am a lazy bum.
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I have managed to sprain my left ankle...for the third time this year. Gah. This time I tripped over something on the way to get the mail. That's almost more stupid than tripping down the stairs due to lack of sleep. Yes, I am tired, but I ought to at least know what I tripped over.

I should work on my Counterpoint article. It will be interesting, least to say. I sincerely hope it will be anyway, if I ever do get around to writing it.

Mwahahahaha. I get an extended deadline-Thursday night. I wonder why :P
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It's a pity the title reminds me of that stupid headline for the first day issue of the paper. Gah. Why must I come up with the cheesiest headlines in existence? Tabloids look almost classy in comparison...

Feeling VERY tired. Hmmm, I wonder why. Stupid rooster. My neighbor's rooster, of course, finds the most inconvenient times to start crowing like mad. Like today, after my three-day weekend. Gah. Lucky taity. He gets a 2 week holiday! And he has something like 4 months of school left.

I'm almost dreaming of sleep. Stupid stupid rooster.

I almost admire my complete idiocy. The Avengers '67 DVD I rented turned out to have three episodes that I've already seen! Baah. Thankfully 2/3 are some of my absolute favorites. I must've mixed up the DVD's on the shelf or something. I watched "The Hidden Tiger" last night before going to bed, tee hee. I don't care if it's just mildly cheesy, I love it! Mwahahahahaha. I'm not an obsessive fan, am I? Actually, there seem to be quite a few more Avengers fans out there. Then again, I'm probably one of the youngest, along with Martina. But there's nothing wrong with being mildly obsessed with a cult British '60's show, is there? Of course not.

I had the Avengers theme (ending credits) stuck in my head this morning, and somehow it morphed into "All I Care About" from Chicago. I think my brain is suffering from too many times of being hit against random objects when walking. At least my left eye isn't twitching.
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Still trying to scheme up of ways to get out of PE. Gah. I wish I didn't have la Senorita Spandex. I seriously fear the ego of anyone who claims to be a "moral compass." Not following a moral compass. BEING the moral compass. Isn't this just mildly frightening?

The whole "enthusiasm points" system is completely bogus. You can get at most 5 points a day by showing "enthusiasm for PE" and you need 70 to get a damn free period. We're getting fewer free periods than last year under the old system of 3 periods total a year. Who do they think we are, complete idiotic morons? Probably yes. But it's not like we're not going to notice this. I bet that by the time you do reach those lousy 70 points they'll have lost count. I really wouldn't be surprised.

Olivia's trying to get me to play soccer. Nice try, but I don't think I will. I'm not much of a soccer person, and I wouldn't be able to do anything on Thursdays because of layout. Pretty much for the entire month of October after 5:30 I get to finish the rest of the layout for myself. It's not as bad as I thought it would be, except that the computers are being tempremental (two captions ended up looking really squished in last week's issue, no matter how hard I tried to fix it, and some lines mysteriously disappeared) and Johann Gutenberg is being...some unpolite name that I'm too lazy to type out. I think that Johann Gutenberg ought to be called Lucifer, instead. He (or should I say it? He/it is really an ancient HP Laserjet printer) has become even more annoying every week, and that's saying something. Last week he ran out of RAM. And the tech dept. won't be able to fix it by the earliest date, this week, perhaps. We had to photocopy all the stupid issues last week and the picture quality was just awful. Aah. He/it better be working...and what's wrong with calling he/it Lucifer? He/it certainly acts like it.
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Counterpoint is starting to become the closest I have ever been to hell.

Here's what's wrong:
1) We have one staff writer, and one back up staff writer. The back up staff writer can only write when we have no one else to write, and she can't write all the time. Everyone else, including the old staff from last year, has turned us down.
2) Nobody bothered to teach Canny, Caitlin, or me how to use the new layout program. I have to learn it by Thursday afternoon.
3) We have no working digital cameras. The broken ones are hidden from us anyway.
4) We have no tape recorders because the monthly hogs them all.
5) We can't get new equipment or training or anything because we don't have a single penny. The school refuses to give us anything.
6) The advisors do not give a damn about us. While I like both of the teacher advisors, they could try to help us out. We've asked Lynch for help and he doesn't do anything. Well, never mind. He took three days to finally unlock the Counterpoint office for us.
7) I haven't started to interview my people yet. Argh. I'll e-mail them right now.
8) Trilling's not helping us either. She ignores our pleas for asking her photography class to take pictures of us.
9) We have no photographers. But they're not as vitally necessary as writers.
10) Every other local school has a better paper than we do.

Someone, please take pity. We're going to have to shut down the weekly paper at this rate, and I don't want to have to do that.


May. 28th, 2003 02:04 pm
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I'm assistant editor of the weekly Counterpoint!?

Editor in Chief: Canny (who the heck is she??)
Entertainment Editor: Caitlin the movie reviewer

What the heck? Is this all just some massive conspiracy or something??????


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