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I just got my AP scores back-they're all 5's! How the heck did that happen with calculus?!

And apparently I can read at 475 words/minute with a 64% comprehension rate, which sounds a little low for me. You can take the test here.

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I originally had some stuff bouncing around my head to say about turning 18 but then decided that it would be incredibly presumptuous to think that I know that much. I used to be strongly afflicted with nostalgia, or perhaps I'm in a bit of a relapse; right now I'm in a sort of temporally peaceful lull. I like to think that after each birthday you start with a clean slate-it's my version of New Year's. And it's nice that I have this summer to be refreshed and figure out what I want to do with my life. Now I have time to do all of the stuff that really brightened my day, get back into the loop of all of the places and lives I've disappeared from. I'm rediscovering that it's always nice to be missed; it's a little funny to see what rumors about me have grown in my absence, though I don't meant to mock those who have absentmindedly cultivated them.

Soon enough I'll probably be spamming with random soundtrack/TV/movie reviews again much to the chagrin of my real life friends and acquaintances. Michael Giacchino's Mission: Impossible III score is in the works.

I must say that the alumna panel + seeing my ringer Sara today has actually made me excited about college for what seems like the first time. I still have those awkward "Aren't you going to University Y?" "No, actually, I'm not..." encounters but they're much fewer now.

Good night, and good luck.
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You know you haven't been studying for your AP Euro exam when you start laughing at the word "Quadripartite" (refering the 4-way division of Berlin) really loudly. And I better shut up before I get really scary and my brain starts leaking all of this knowledge out before the test.

I know I brought this upon myself, gah!

I don't know how to end this entry elegantly, so I'll disobey journalistic style and end with a quotation:

Context: I'm helping some juniors study for AP US History:
Me: I just love McCarthyism.
Friend: What?!
Me: They had the best anti-communist slogans! Are there Bolsheviks breeding in YOUR bathroom?

Am I always this flippant? Come to think of it, don't answer that last question.

Quadripartite really is a funny word!
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My college e-mail screen name sounds like some kind of exotic Middle Eastern fruit. And naturally I can't change it. Hmmm. It's better than my 8th grade school e-mail login screen name, which sounded like a kind of Medieval disease in [ profile] zedhaus's view.

According to that same user, [ profile] leflyingolive, Tina and I have been singled out for the dubious distinction of "Worst (Senior) Driver" by our classmates. I'm not sure if I should be honored or playfully insulted or both. In my defense:

1. I've never gotten a ticket.
2. The accident I had was found to be the fault of the other driver. It was the first rain of the season that day.
3. Any of the really sketchy driving maneuvers I've done (driving the wrong way on a one way street) I did by myself by accident.
4. If you had my father looking over your shoulder while driving, you'd be a stressed out driver, too.

In all honesty I deserve the "Worst (Parallel) Parking" Award.

On a slightly more cheerful note: this really makes me want to go to college. I do not have to go broke getting more Elmer Bernstein soundtracks! (Although I should be receiving Bernstein's take on Bernard Herrmann's works in the next two weeks.)
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Calculus AP exam first thing tomorrow morning!

Why do I still not quite understand how to figure out the volume of a solid of revolution in terms of dy?!
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My brain feels like it's doing somersaults down Mount Everest. Two (three?) more weeks, then I'll be done with all of the major academic stuff for high school.

Kerstin told me there are 16 days of school left. I have just finished my second-to-last edition of Counterpoint Weekly ever on dogs and Myspace. I don't think I'll take a high school final ever again.

I haven't even begun to fathom the countdown.

And damn, I really could use an extension on this internship app. I don't even know what the choices are!
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You know you need a social life when you dream about the object of your film score fangirlish idolatry. And it's a pessimistic one involving Caribbean revolutionaries. Must I be this cynical even in my subconscious?

On a very different note: it's sort of scary to know what was on my future classmates' college applications and have no idea who they are as people.

But on the bright side, the guys who will be my future classmates seem to be impressed that I know so much about James Bond. Go figure.
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My mother and I baked lemon bars together for the first time since I was seven. Or possibly the last time was when I was ten. This temporal distance seemed much more significant to me several hours ago, but I'd like to take today's baking as a good sign for the future.

Needless to say, it's amazing how much of your own handiwork you end up eating in the process despite trying to save the remains for other people. Was it Agatha Christie who said that good intentions pave the path to hell?

On a different note, I'm fairly certain about where I'll be headed to college (USC) and will probably be sending off my enrollment info tomorrow afternoon if not Tuesday. Kerstin, try not to look like you're attending my funeral.
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I can't possibly imagine why people at the gym give me strange looks when I do my Euro history reading while running on the treadmill. Wouldn't it be really boring to stare at the walls the whole time while sweating it out?

The college decision issue is much trickier than I initially bargained for, but I'm hoping to send in my enrollment forms by Monday. I'm having some major committment issues at the moment.

And a few promised On Her Majesty's Secret Service screencaps for dancing_avenger )
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I'm fairly sure that I'll be ending up at USC (yay for full tuition scholarships!) though Wellesley is something of a distant possibility. Amusingly enough, my entire family is assuming that I'll end up there even though I haven't made my final decision yet; even my great aunt from South Africa (who, with her husband, actually accompanied me on one college tour at UCLA) has called to inquire.

And apparently I might have more than 28 cousins. I've sometimes wondered if they've been hiding under the bushes for over a decade or so.

I better actually try to get some sleep soon for some junior friends of mine are kindly kidnapping me tomorrow at 6:50. Oh, rivalry week...
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I've been rejected by Harvard and Columbia; I'll hear back from Stanford tomorrow afternoon but I'm not hopeful at all.

Edit: I've also been rejected by Brown. Ah well.

Another edit: Make that four rejections; Stanford rejected me, too.

So much for trying not to disappoint my family. But I really shouldn't be complaining as I do have some nice choices as is. Really, there are many many many worse things that could be going on, and there's no point in wasting my time over things that I can't control anymore. I should stop making such a fuss about this.

Last edit: So overall, I'm deciding amongst Wellesley, USC and Scripps.

P.S. Sophia, thanks for the Victoria Holt novel; I could really use it. Hopefully I'll start it this weekend.
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I think either fate or the laws of probability or coincidence is playing with my mind again, for somehow whenever I start writing an e-mail to my ex-roommate she always sends me a message first.

I really want a Matthews dorm reunion now. I'm really curious as to where everyone (not just Harvard folks) will be ending up soon. That even includes Yuki the Future Serial Killer from my behaviorism class.
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Finally, a non-angsty entry!

Woot! I've received a full tuition scholarship at the University of Southern California (USC) and a half-tuition scholarship plus an official acceptance at Scripps College. Apparently I made the happy shriek of a small dying animal upon ripping the envelopes open.

Yes, I really could use a social life. And no, I still have no idea where I want to end up. I hear back from four remaining colleges on the 30th, so I'm waiting that out before I even begin to decide.

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I'm back from USC as of yesterday, and both Ellie and I were quite impressed by the place. Watch me change my mind in April...or not. I am not ashamed to admit that I nearly kissed the doors of the music scoring stage-Elmer Bernstein probably touched them, considering that he taught there for some time. But as there were several cinema-television majors giving me strange looks, I settled for two pictures instead. I'm definitely not in need of a social life, I swear!

I finally caught some of the Olympics-my host, her other hostees, her roomates, and I saw the end of the women's free skate. Someone (probably [ profile] dragonfly66) will probably want to hit me over the head with a frying pan for saying this, but I was a little bored. I haven't really been missing out on much-I'm more of a Summer Olympics kind of girl to be honest.

As I seem to have finally gotten all of my work done for once, I've been catching up on some cult TV lately-the Prisoner and the Man from UNCLE (for which I have the cheesiest fan T-shirt idea ever). Can someone please tell me *why* Ilya Kuryakin is either put behind bars or dangled by his wrists from the ceiling/chained by the wrists on the walls in 7/8ths of the episodes I watched? Isn't David McCallum afraid of heights?

And now on an entirely different note-if you're not a classmate of mine, the rest of this entry will not make much sense to you )
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I'm heading off to Scripps tomorrow, so I won't be able to get back to anyone until Sunday afternoon. I'm currently hoping that the funky nerve above my right eye won't start randomly twitching on me again when I am sleep deprived and uber nervous.

On another note: many apologies to various friends who have IMed me; my MSN Messenger keeps randomly logging me on when my computer's on while I'm not there. I swear I'm not trying to ignore you; I'm currently trying to figure out what is going on with that program. I actually log on to IM at most five times a year.
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Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year for the next fifteen minutes! It's strange to think that it's my last one at home.

As of yesterday I officially have college choices; I've been accepted to USC, or for non-Californinas, University of Southern California. Congrats to [ profile] smilebluemonday and [ profile] glerf as well for their happy college news. Seana and I will be travelling down to Scripps two Fridays from now for the preview weekend/scholarship interview; [ profile] lacesilkvinyl will definitely be in my thoughts. Best of luck with Hollins-when are you going there?

I'll be posting up various music stuff later for friends, so stay tuned.
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Useful lesson of the day: Never mix anything meant for a blender with a tablespoon, especially for a milkshake.

Useful observation of the day: When the moon is out you can actually see where you're going when dragging out the trash instead of tripping over random things and seeing your trash can rolling down the street. And the stars are quite pretty. That's what I missed this past summer, except for the nights of the meteor shower-not being able to see what's up in the sky due to light pollution.

Not terribly useful realization of the day: I'm going to really miss dinnertime conversations with my family when I'm in university.

I've attempted to figure out the key components of said conversations-I can't think of any dull at-home dinnertimes in just about...ever. They seem to usually compromise of the following, among other topics:

-three references to a Pink Panther/Mel Brooks (almost always Young Frankenstein, but the Producers and Blazing Saddles have been known to appear as well)
-my mother waxing (slightly) melodramatic about her experiences with hospitals
-my mother and me speaking in at least two strange accents
-my mother remarking about how strange I am
-my mother wondering why my friends are crazy
-my objecting to my mother's claims that I meet too many crazy people
-my mother expostulating on why all of us belong in the local insane asylum
-my pondering aloud why we aren't all in the insane asylum
-my father relating some obscure occurence during my childhood to avoid any awkwardness and succeeding slightly
-my father scheming of ways of using various kinds of military technology to get rid of random bugs around the house
-my mother looking guilty about having stuck me in daycare for roughly ten years, though mostly not on a full time basis
-my parents quizzing me about my friends' and classmates' college decisions
-my father making some sort of reference to World War II out of context
-my mother complaining that my father rerecords way too many Band of Brother reruns
-my mother claiming that she is an alien
-my discovering that I have even more cousins than I thought previously (the official count is at 28)
-my discovering that someone in my family has some sort of freaky medical condition
-my father asking for his daily serving of phosphoric acid (a.k.a. Coca Cola)

And I seem to have gotten into college. Sort of-it's mostly implied. I only figured that out about thirty seven minutes ago. But the mail has made me happy today.
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You scored as Psychology. You should be a Psychology major!






























What is your Perfect Major?
created with

Me, an English major? HA!
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Today we had a surprise visit from my godparents and their two daughters! We went out for dim sum and Chinese grocery shopping in the Chinese village near my dad's old workplace. There was the ubiquitous yet amusing ordeal of having family friends accept/diss my college application choices ("Havahd? You mean that crumbling brick institution up Mass Ave?" Then imagine that paired with a slightly North Carolinan accent.) but thankfully we didn't dwell on that so much this time. I'm fully convinced that my godfather is the wittiest, raunchiest Catholic who bears an eerier resemblance to James Earl Jones/Colin Powell in existence.

This time I actually got to talk to Kathleen and Sarah who seem to be really interested in tamagachis, those beeping digital pet things that were really popular when I was in elementary school. It's just a little freaky to see those two interested in all of the things that were popular when I was their age; am I really that much older now? At least we didn't have any of those awkward "I have no idea what to talk about" silences, and Kathleen thankfully hasn't reached tween angst yet. Not only that, but they make all of the snarky comments about dried squids and mysterious mushrooms that I'm too shy to say. I'm glad that they're still willing to confide in me. They're the closest I have to sisters, and I'm going to miss them wherever I end up for the next four years.

Next Tuesday I'll be seeing Katie, a family friend's daughter who's currently going to Wellesley with [ profile] cutemew. Imagine a prom queen crossed with a jock and you'll have a superficial impression of her. I still remember when I slept over at her house every few weeks and her dad, Uncle Henry to me (the only Chinese Kentucky farmboy I know), would always tease me about my dislike of cauliflower. And every time I went Katie would insist on painting my nails a very bright color and blast bubblegum pop music-those sleepovers were my first introduction to the Spice Girls-as we waved our fingers in front of her dinky tabletop fan. Their adopted orange tabby cat had a rather luxe penchant for lobster. Sadly, I haven't seen Katie since I was thirteen; the last time I tried to organize an outing with her she forgot to show up. We haven't really had any big summer barbeques with them and my dad's other friends since then, either. Needless to say we're not exactly close anymore, but I'm curious to see how she's doing now. I hope that lunch next Tuesday won't be too awkward.

Random note to self: Stop looking at so many online course catalogues of places where I probably won't end up. If only that seminar on death and dying in Romantic compositions didn't satisfy my fetish for fatalistic Romantic music...
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For the record, because I'm terribly unorganized/haven't quite figured out where all of the various holiday presents I've got for friends are amidst the packing boxes, I'll be sending out all gifts in January when we start second semester. To steal an idea from the ever wonderful [ profile] eldritchhobbit, if you'd like a holiday gift please feel free to leave a comment and I can make you a mix from my eclectic (mostly film score) music library. Please indicate any sort of theme you have in mind, like the Bernard Herrmann/Alfred Hitchcock partnership or fandom related or anything else you can think of.

Alas, my mother's gift won't be coming in until next Tuesday. I'm very tempted to take her car over to the mall and find something but I'm still terrified that I will get into another car accident and wreck it. And this would also require me to steal her keys. Thankfully the insurance company is not going to drop us after all and is willing to reinsure the technically totalled car. Huzzah! And it seems that the other driver was indeed at fault. I must write a thank you note to my witness.

The extra three LJ userpics has seriously made my day; I simply had to bring back my Emma Peel "Too Many Christmas Trees" one for Christmas :D My winter holiday has been quite relaxing so far, and I finally have time to do all of the reading I've been wanting to catch up on. [ profile] eyepiece_simile, I loved Menfreya in the Morning way more than I'd like to admit! It was a lot less sketchy than I had expected it to be, easily the best trashy novel I've ever read (the only one, really, except for those spoken excerpts of The Marriage Merger on that Britain trip bus ride) You've seriously hooked me on Victoria Holt. And I've been revisiting Agatha Christie whose works are even more enjoyable after a long absence. I'm rather proud of myself that I mostly figured out the identity of the murderer of The Mystery of the Blue Train the first time around.

If only these last two college applications would just complete themselves! In the very likely chance that I will be updating infrequently for the next two weeks or so, happy holidays!


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