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First of all, I wanted to say thanks so much to [ profile] eternalmoogle, [ profile] aneuhaus, [ profile] eldritchhobbit, [ profile] akane42me, [ profile] swashbuckler332, [ profile] st_crispins, [ profile] comfortable_yet, and many other friends for the birthday wishes. My 21st did involve quite a bit of consumption, but none of the alcoholic variety. To celebrate, [ profile] eyepiece_simile, [ profile] dragonfly66, and I took the train up to San Francisco to catch up and walk from Union to Ghiradelli Square to indulge in Ghiradelli's famed chocolate-y goodness. And authentic, organic crêpes made by this awesome lady from Martinique. The day itself involved getting around to some books I've been meaning to read (Leonard Mlondinow's The Drunkard's Walk) and talking to some of my favorite people :D All in all a very pleasant day.

I had another draft or two in progress about other things, but right now I'm watching the National Memorial Day Concert that my parents recorded, and it's setting off all of my political activist buttons. It's the sort of event embodying the sort of post-"isms" that make prejudice and discrimination so insidious to fight today.

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If you want to hear about how you can help, some resources are listed here.

And I have no new words about Prop 8. While I understand that the law must recognize the mandate of the majority, we're still disenfranchising countless individuals of their right to marry when increasing number of states, even DC, are finally mandating this right. At the risk of sounding terribly naïve, upholding prop 8 is denying people the right to benefit from the 1,000+ legal benefits that heterosexual couples can claim.

I can only hope that Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed soon to bring back justice to the Supreme Court.


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